I-Sketch is the new isometric sketching package from Alias, the licensed supplier of industry standard ISOGEN.

An affordable product for both companies and individuals alike, which generates ISOGEN isometric deliverables identical to large Plant Design systems.

I-Sketch is a package not only suited to on-site sketching but also as a cost effective means of isometric generation.

I-Sketch for most companies is not a decision to implement new technology, as ISOGEN is already in-use within the organisation. The system is intuitive and provides the highest productivity available for piping isometric production taking an average of 10 to 20 minutes to sketch a pipe with the drawing being generated in seconds.

Some of the main features include:

  • Specification driven system
  • Catalogue Management System is provided complete with ANSI and DIN catalogues containing approximately 11,000 components in each
  • Project Management System is provided to enable multiple output formats to be controlled on a project basis.
  • Simple Windows interface that is not reliant on a CAD system
  • Automatic insertion of elbows at change of sketch direction
  • Automatic insertion of tees at branches
  • Intelligent cursor types showing current sketch activity
  • Automatic insertion of Cross components at double branch sketch point position
  • Skews, falls and slopes on lines
  • Component sliding to ensure fitting to fitting connection
  • Additional materials can be added even if they are not drawn on the isometric
  • Automatic insertion of Reducer component at change of pipe bore
  • Trimming of sketch back to next component
  • Colour coding system to guide user and help with workflow
  • Continuous placement of same component type
  • Add information in form of messages
  • Add bolt sets to flanges or gaskets
  • Compatibility with SPOOLGEN
  • Generic components
  • Overview window – controls zooming and sketch layout
  • Infinite sketch size – layout and paper size is determined by ISOGEN
  • Isometric grid
  • Component Information Manager allows substitution of item codes and descriptions

Main benefits include:

No CAD System Required

I-Sketch is a stand-alone Windows application. There is no additional CAD system required and therefore no hidden costs. Everything required to create, edit, view and print piping isometrics is delivered with the system at a very low price.

Main benefit – low cost of implementation.

No CAD Skills Required

I-Sketch has a user interface that is focused on the task of creating a data model of a pipe. The interface itself is therefore very simple, intuitive and takes very little time to learn. The user is not faced with sets of commands, icons and menus that he would be with an application sitting on a generic CAD system.

Main benefits – reduced training time and level of skill required – reduced implementation time.

No Drafting Skills Required

Creation of the pipe data is through a simple sketch. The user does not need to worry about layout, locations of dimensions and annotation as these functions are all performed by ISOGEN which is an integral part of the solution.

Main benefit – increased productivity.

Highest Productivity

Traditional CAD based isometric systems require the user to define the drawing layout not just in terms of the piping but also the dimensions and annotation. I-Sketch does not require this because these functions are performed by ISOGEN therefore reducing the time required for the production of piping isometrics. I-Sketch offers the highest productivity available for the generation of piping isometrics and bills of material.

Main benefit – reduced user input.

Industry Standard Isometric Presentation

ISOGEN is supplied by all major plant design software vendors. Any customisation that has been adopted e.g. drawing borders, layout and option switches may be used with I-Sketch. If a company is using a plant design system the output from I-Sketch can be identical ensuring consistent presentation. Additional reports e.g. welds, bill of materials are also identical to those produced from plant design systems.

Main benefits – consistent quality and presentation of output – other systems used downstream of ISOGEN e.g. procurement systems will also take output from I-Sketch without modification – reduced implementation time and complies to current company IT infrastructure.

Import of Existing Catalogues

Before many isometric packages can be used, there is normally a requirement to create a catalogue that reflects the company’s standards. The start-up time with I-Sketch is considerably reduced with the ability to import catalogues that have been created in PDS and PDMS.

Main benefit – greatly reduced implementation time, elimination of errors and re-use of corporate standards.

I-Sketch can Export to Plant Design and Stress Analysis Systems

Once a pipe is created within I-Sketch, these pipes can be exported to PDS, PDMS and CAESAR II. I-Sketch can be used on-site where a full 3D plant design suite may not be available. As-built configurations or tie-ins to existing lines can be sketched in minutes and then used to electronically update the 3D plant design system.

Main benefit – simple to use, productive tool provides a low cost solution for on-site work.

Data Centric Application

All Alias products are "Data-Centric". The sketching environment of I-Sketch is a simple way for the user to create a data model of a pipe. Once created, the drawing production is performed automatically by ISOGEN. The Project Manager allows for the configuration of multiple isometric "style" outputs. From a single pipe sketch, several isometric types can be generated without further effort required.

Main benefit – increased productivity and guarantee of accuracy and consistency.

Full capabilities of ISOGEN (industry standard) available

Each seat of I-Sketch is delivered with and unlimited version of ISOGEN. ISOGEN is the industry de-facto standard for the production of piping isometrics. ISOGEN is unrivalled in its capability to be customised to suit individual needs of clients.

Main benefit – adaptable to company standards.

I-Sketch and SPOOLGEN are trademarks of Alias Ltd.
ISOGEN is the registered trademark of ICI plc.

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