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Electrical Engineering-- Electrical Power Distribution

This eBOOK provides guidance for electrical power distribution system design it should be read in conjunction with ELEC-GU-002-001 & ELEC-GU-003-001

The eBOOK contains the following:

System planning. Basic design considerations. Site considerations. Energy conservation. Earthing/grounding resistors. Electrical import from a public utility. Emergency power supply equipment. Equipment rating and diversity factors. Frequency and voltage regulation. Frequency. Harmonic analysis studies. Harmonics. Impedance earthed/grounded neutrals - medium voltage power systems. Load transfer schemes. Methods of limiting short-circuit currents. Motor starting. Normal power system studies. On-site generation run in parallel with a public utility. On-site generation with no public utility connection. Over-voltages. Power distribution system. Power factor. Power generator earthing/grounding. Power generator operation and control. Power system earthing/grounding. Power system loading. Power system operation and control. Power system parameters. Power system performance. Power system protection and control. Power system studies. Power utility sources. Primary substation. Reliability. Short circuit studies. Short-circuit rating. Site power distribution. Solidly earthed/grounded neutrals (LV power systems) Stability studies. Substation design. Substation location. Synchronising. Types of load. Unearthed/ungrounded neutral Voltage.