eBOOKs by PetroChemLink.

With PetroChemLink eBOOKs you will have the knowledge to make a difference in todays world and maybe help in reducing global warming?

The topics covered encompass all aspects of our industry from inception to de-commissioning and site restoration.

Guides (GU) are used for design, construction,installation, commissioning, operations & maintenance.
Instructions (IN) are used for the procurement process of equipment, materials and systems.
Additional related books are also available.

The eBOOKs can be downloaded free from PCL and are viewable for up to one month.

PetroChemLink has compiled a set of Titles for the books with brief descriptions on contents, not all the books are created ? those colored "White" are, any Engineers that submit their original work to PetroChemLink in Microsoft Word format can become part of our library.