SPOOLGEN is a system designed for use by fabrication workshops and has workflow management built in as standard to aid the production of spool isometrics and related reports. Many of the features and benefits of I-Sketch are applicable to SPOOLGEN, as ISOGEN is an integral part of the solution.

Some of the main features of the system are:

  • Uses IDF or PCF data files from any 3D Design System supporting ISOGEN
  • Windows NT
  • Automatic Spool Sheets + Erection Isometrics
  • Automatic BOM + Sheet splitting
  • Interface to Material Control (yours)
  • Extensive Automation of data input and machine interfaces
  • Weld detailing and documentation
  • Weight accumulation, C of G calculation
  • Transposition of material codes
  • Links to Material Management systems
  • Return file of fabrication and construction data to design system
  • Input from paper – I-Copy and I-Sketch
  • Auto Long Straight Splitting
  • Addition of Drawing Splits, Flow Arrows, Detail Sketches and Additional Materials without compromising the integrity of the design
  • Support for multiple weld types i.e. Site, Field Fit, Offshore, Tack, Automatic, and Special Site Weld
  • Ability to change material category from fabrication to erection and vice versa.
  • Ability to change elbows to bends
  • Ability to set flanges to loose


SPOOLGEN has been widely adopted in the industry for the production of spool isometrics. As well as delivering the same benefits as I-Sketch, the following benefits are also available:

Proven savings

It usually takes 5 to 20 minutes to process each pipe including the addition of spooling and fabrication information. Once completed, spool and erection drawings are generated in seconds.

A typical pipe could be processed and 4 spool drawings generated in 15 minutes compared with 2.5 hours on AutoCAD or 1 hour with a standard isometric package.

Workflow Delivered as Standard

One of the biggest issues of any project is managing the information workflow. SPOOLGEN has been designed with workflow being a key consideration, guiding users through each stage of the process. This is delivered as standard with the system ensuring minimal implementation time and reducing the learning curve required to operate the system.

Guaranteed Future IDF Compatibility

Alias Limited own and control the IDF standard for piping information and as such can guarantee future system compatibility.

I-Sketch and SPOOLGEN are trademarks of Alias Ltd.
ISOGEN is the registered trademark of ICI plc.

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